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SRHS Benefactors Program

March 2020

 We are penning this email to indicate that we are now ready to implement The St. Rose’s High School Benefactors Program, with a USD $58.00 Monthly Contribution from alumni.  This program for the benefit of St. Rose’s High School, is aimed at providing direct financial and resource support to the Headmistress, Faculty, Staff, Parent Teachers Association and the Board of Governors (BOG) for all auxiliary and other short term non-budgeted expenditure at the school which may arise from time to time but which stands outside of the scheduled assistance from the Ministry of Education (MOE), BOG, Alumni and other formal support bodies established to offset vital and necessary needs throughout the entire school from time to time during the academic year.

Firstly, we formally thank each and every alumni herein who willingly pledged to be a part of this novel charitable support system called The St. Rose’s High School Benefactors Program, for an (initial) period of twelve (12) continuous months at USD $58.00 per month.  The aim of the initiative being thirty (30) participating Benefactors in total per annum, as I outlined in August 2019 at our International Reunion in the USA. Alumni can opt to repeat for a second year if they so desire.

Secondly, we have established a start date of June 1st, 2020 for the launching of this program and that date being the first day for receipts for all such pledges.  The systems for collection, administration and accountability have been agreed and setup both in the USA and in Guyana for these pledges to be received, collected and utilized directly by the appropriate body for direct support towards identifiable short term non budgeted needs of St. Rose’s High School. An account has been established at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Guyana which will be dedicated to this program and where all funds will be transferred.

If you are a Benefactor who reside outside of Guyana, please liaise with the Executive Board of the St. Rose’s Alumni Association USA Inc; a New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation with a 501(C)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service, @ or 917-727-6737. If you reside in Guyana, please liaise with Mr. Kenrick Thomas, Chair of the Board of Governors @ or office # 227-1218 to coordinate your pledges towards this charitable program aimed at bolstering your Alma Mater here in Guyana. 

We thank you in advance for your commitment and support to our wonderful institution and look forward to your continued twelve (12) month partnership with us to enable us to attain adequately all of our short term necessities as we work through the current construction phase and beyond of our new Church Street Wing of our beloved school.


You may submit your payments:

  • By Debit or Credit Card or Paypal at our website and checking the monthly contribution box 
  • Zelle payment to
  • CashApp to
  • Venmo to
  • by mail St. Rose’s Alumni Assoc. USA Inc.
  • P. O. Box 22321, Brooklyn NY 11202-2321
    Attn: Benefactors Program

    Kenrick Thomas
    Chair, Board of Governors
    St. Rose’s High School


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