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Dear Alumni:

Thank you for your continued support of the St. Rose’s Alumni Association USA Inc. (SRAA). With your loyalty and support, we continue to improve the quality of education and environment for our Alma Mater. Your membership dues defray the administrative costs incurred in meeting this mission. Simply put, you make what we do possible!

We hope you have been able to benefit from your membership with SRAA and encourage you to renew your membership today! Along with the opportunity to vote, members in good standing also have the right to hold office and/or serve on one of our various committees. Your participation and support is vital!

Please take a moment to complete the attached application form and submit it to the Membership Committee as soon as possible. Your completed application will include a personal check made out to St. Rose’s Alumni Assoc. Please note that a one-year membership is $30.00, while a two-year membership is $50.00. You may optionally, complete and mail this version of the application form or complete the online form. For your convenience, you may also make payment by Zelle, CashApp or Venmo to

Your renewal will help us plan for future fundraising efforts to benefit our Alma Mater. Please contact Brenda or Desiree with questions or suggestions. We appreciate your continued help and support!


Brenda Bentt
Membership Committee

Desiree Wharton
Membership Committee








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And the badge that shows our motto
Shall be ever dear
And for God we’ll serve our neighbour
His own image here,
“Serviam” shall be our watchword,
Marching on we’ll sing
Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King
Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King


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