April 2, 2023 6:31 am

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Lunch and Learn

Dr. Michelle Beccles-Simmons, St. Rose’s High School Class of ‘88 alumnus and founder of Carls Care, a U.S.-based nonprofit that serves survivors of domestic violence, recently hosted a Lunch & Learn at St. Rose’s High School in Georgetown, Guyana on Tuesday, March 28. Dr. Beccles-Simmons, a practicing psychologist was accompanied by her husband, Commander Alexander Simmons, an active-duty Sailor. The pair engaged sixty-one students and select staff members in a round-table discussion regarding what it’s like being a psychologist and military professional (among other topics).  The goal is to link students who are interested in entering the field with suitable mentors. Carl’s Care provided lunch, goody bags (with school supplies), and three new laptop computers to participating students.

Students Shaneel English, Carlyn  Ifill, and Bobby Lima were presented with laptops donated by Dr. Simmons. The Headmistress, Mrs. Rayon Tobin, selected the students based on their financial needs.


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And the badge that shows our motto
Shall be ever dear
And for God we’ll serve our neighbour
His own image here,
“Serviam” shall be our watchword,
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Battling against the pride of Satan
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Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King


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