November 3, 2018 1:20 pm

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Handover and Completion of Repairs to the Home Management Room

This is to inform and update you about our completion and handover of all of the items related to your sponsorship of the Repairs and Renovation of the Home Management Room at St Roses High School. Please see enclosed a video taken from the joint handover of your remaining items not previously delivered along with the donation of items the Toronto Chapter made under their improvement works as under items 4 and 9 of our Wish List 2018 edition. So to recap we have delivered and done a handover ceremony of the the following items to the school and will ensure that all are setup and working for the H.O.D to utilize directly afterwards.
Please see indicated below all of the additional items which are now handed over to fully complete our works in that department for which you sponsored : –
1. Complete Pot Set – Four
2. Cutlery Set – BIG – Three
3. Cutlery Set – SMALL – Three
4. Baking Set – Three
5. Kitchen Utensils Set – Three
6. Water Dispensers – Two
7. Kitchen Mixers – One
8. Blenders – Three
9. Microwave – Two
and along with the already delivered and installed items of the
10. Free Standing Ovens and the Hand Held Fire Extinguishers and the complete renovation of the Home Management room as per our estimate and previously outlined email we are now complete with these works. Please note that all of the items supplied are first rate world class brands since we expect them to be used for many many years and all come with a warranty of six months from date of supply by the suppliers.
Please see the enclosed video and photos showing our handover and we will scan and copy all recipients and bills and have them emailed to you for your accounting records also.
Once again a very big THANK YOU to you and the the entire Alumni for their continued support and assistance in the establishing an environment which will encourage and promote better higher learning at St Roses High School.
Thank you once again
Kenrick Thomas
Chair – S.R.H.S

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Battling against the pride of Satan
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