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Brunch Honoring Males on Saturday, June 25

Dear alumni and friends:

We were on a two-year hiatus due to COVID.

Back by popular demand!  This event is a week after Father’s Day and is specifically planned to honor the males: grandfathers, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, sons-in-laws, brothers-in-laws, nephews and grandsons. Our Brunch Honoring Males on Saturday, June 25 at Marine Park Golf Club . This event is considered “De Best Day Fete” in Brooklyn!

Three alumni Kenrick Thomas, Chair of the St. Rose’s High School Board of Governors, Marc Mc Kenzie and Richard Ishridas will be honored. The other honorees are Robert Mc Rae, John Ramsundar, Earl Coy and James Massay. The association and members are grateful for their continued contributions and support. You don’t want to miss this event.

Kick off the Labor Day weekend with our Anniversary Gala on Thursday, September 1 at Russo’s on the Bay It will be an evening of elegance when our past presidents Compton Grose and Lorraine Croft-Farnell, and two donors, will be the guests of honor.

So here’s the scoop!  Brunch tickets are $75.00 for adults and $40.00 for children. The Gala donation is $140.00 (all inclusive).  However, if you purchase both tickets the donation is $200.00 (a savings of $15.00).  The final payment must be completed no later than June 20.  Music by DJ Flexx for both events.

There are several ways you can submit payment for your Brunch and Gala tickets:

    1. Payment by Zelle:
    2. Payment by Cash App: $treasurerstroses
    3. Payment by Venmo:
    4. Payment by Paypal:
    5. Payment by check mailed to St. Rose’s Alumni Association USA Inc., PO Box 22321,Brooklyn NY 11202-2321
    6. To purchase online tickets visit: EVENTBRITE

All COVID protocols will be observed at the events.

For further info, please contact 347-404-2963 or 646-285-1484.

Looking forward to see you!

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And the badge that shows our motto
Shall be ever dear
And for God we’ll serve our neighbour
His own image here,
“Serviam” shall be our watchword,
Marching on we’ll sing
Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King
Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King


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