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About Nominations/Election Committee

Nominations/Election Committee:

·       Be composed of two (2) chairs appointed by the Executive Board to serve two (2) years. See Article VIII, (e) for eligibility requirements.

·       The members of the Nomination Committee are permitted to vote in the elections they are presiding over but cannot run for elective office.

·       Actively poll the Executive Board and active Members of the Association to publicize offices available, terms of office, and duties associated with each office.

·       Ascertain that individual candidates for office meet eligibility requirements, and inform them of their responsibility if elected. See Article VII (A).

·       Develop a slate of officers for election in a timely fashion such that elections may be held at the Annual General Meeting.

·       Present a report of nominations to the Active Members ten (10) days before the Annual General Meeting.

·       Prepare and distribute uniform election ballots to the financial membership and ensure confidentiality.  Members and their status shall be determined by the Membership Committee.

·       Receive completed ballots.

·       Two representatives of the committee shall act as Election Officers.  Give a complete report of the results of the elections to the General Membership.  The report shall include the number of ballots given out, the number of ballots returned, the number of invalid ballots, etc.  The Secretary shall inform all nominees and chapters by letters of the results of the vote.


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And the badge that shows our motto
Shall be ever dear
And for God we’ll serve our neighbour
His own image here,
“Serviam” shall be our watchword,
Marching on we’ll sing
Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King
Battling against the pride of Satan
Serving Christ our King


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