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School Priorities

School - wish list 2013

So here is a list of some of the items needed for classes and teachers aids at St. Rose’s High. It is intended to reflect lower budget items. The idea being expressed here is so termed, “Open Source Contribution Campaign” (OSCC).

Each of you, as alum and friends now have an opportunity to more directly pledge items for specific subject area(s). There should be little surprise that most will gravitate to those areas that they have a particular affinity towards. For others, it will vary and be not so obvious.

Never-the-less, follow this sequence for your responses;

  1. Spread the word about OSCC and team up with your friends to identify your area of giving
  2. To avoid duplication, in the comments box below pledge your contribution (giving)
  3. Allow SRAA to further confirm item specifications, where necessary
  4. Mail or forward to NYC (address will provided) or pickup can be arranged within NYC area
  5. Show your love... Add a comment

    View the entire... School - wish list 2013

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