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Board of Governors - 2013

Introducing the St. Rose’s Board of Governors:

Cathy Hughes (Chairman), Kenrick Thomas (Vice-Chairman), Claire George (Secretary), Enrico Woolford (Treasurer), Robert Forrester (Assistant Secretary), Ercellen Cummings (Headmistress), Paula Hamilton (Deputy Headmistress), Clifton Innis (PTA President), Russell Lancaster, Rosamond Addo, Elizabeth Harper, Bonita Hunter, Karen Cumberbatch, Leon Ross, Martin Gaul, Stayon Venture, Samantha Roberts, Andrew Mc Bean, Trevor Mahase, Ronald Kissoon, Karen Harris, Ron Devonish, Hazelyn Bostwick, Sharon Gibson, Alana Brassington and Phaedra Cramer-Phillips.

The Board of Governors is responsible for the Management of the school and reports to the Board of Education. The Board was previously chaired by Marilyne Trotz.

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Board of Governors'12

Name Position Affiliation
Catherine Hughes CHAIRMAN  
Kenrick Thomas VICE-CHAIRMAN  
Claire George SECRETARY  
Ercellen Cummings-Archibald HEAD MISTRESS  
Paula Hamilton DEPUTY-HEAD MISTRESS (alum)
Enrico Woolford TREASURER (alum)
Rosamond Addo   (alum)
Russel Lancaster    
Elizabeth (Lis) Harper    
Alana Brassington    
Bonita Hunter    
Karen Cumberbatch    
Sharon Gibson    
Wendell Archer    
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