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Updates from St. Rose's High - October

In the Mail to SRAA USA

"Thanks for the correspondence, congrats to you, Byron  and the team. We at St Rose's do appreciate the much needed support you always offer to your alma mater.
We do look forward for a productive, exciting time ahead.
Congrats once again and thank you."

Ms. Ercellen Cummings-Archibald
HM | St.Rose's High School
Guyana, S.A. 592.

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Visitors to St. Rose’s High School, Georgetown, Guyana

The Association has received some complaints that alumni and/or visitors were not allowed to enter St. Rose’s High School.  All visitors to St. Rose’s High School should be announced and in addition all visitors should be appropriately dressed. The Ministry of Education is reinforcing its policy for security reasons and thus all schools including St. Rose’s are expected to adhere their directive. There are no shorts and sleeveless shirts allowed on the school campus.

Anyone wishing to personally visit should call the school office of the Head Mistress to make an appointment. If you contact SRAA as a member representative on our behalf, we can forward prior notification to the Head Mistress announcing your arrival. Again, this policy applies to everyone visiting the school.

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School news - Sept 2013



This school year opened with a newly renovated canteen which is now run by the Charlotte Educational Services project.  This is a consortium which caters for the child as a whole (not only learning but the nutritional values in the daily meal.).  Bridgette Reynolds Hinds who manages the canteen is an education specialist and she presented a very uplifting message to the teachers at their retreat on 26 August and she also assisted them in their outline for the upcoming five-year strategic plan.  Mrs. Hinds is also fluent in French and Spanish and spent many years at the United Nations.


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