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St. Rose's High School

This section of the website features the content authored and published by the current students, faculty and staff of St. Rose's High School in Georgetown, Guyana.

Holiday Song

Mother of all that is pure and glad
All that is bright and blest
As we have taken our toil to thee
So will we take our rest.
Take thou and bless our Holiday.
O Causa Nostrae Laetitiae.

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Serviam - School Hymn

There’s a word that wakes our spirits
Lifts our thoughts on high
Where St. Ursula’s own emblem
Sparkles in the sky
As on to the Pole Star pointing
Brightly shines the Bear,
She doth point the way to Heaven
Leads our footsteps there

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School Houses

Brescia (red) - He conquers who overcomes himself.

Cologne (yellow) - Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Lima (pink) - Excelcior.

Loreto (blue) - Unity is strength.

Merici (green) - Where there's a will, there's a way.

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