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Ad-Hoc Report: October 2010

Prepared for General Meeting on October 17, 2010 and submitted by Ingrid Thomas-Clark

Report on Adhoc  Reunion Committee:  Lorraine Croft-Farnell, Pansy Lee-Mc Rae, Beverly D'Andrade-Waaldijk, Peggy Bacchus-Thomas,  Jennifer Gomes-Pierre, Brenda Brent-Peters, Brenda Ince-Hing, Marcelle Van Sluytman-LeDoux, Compton Grose, Jennifer Harding, Mumel  Skeete-Jones, Kirk Cramer,  Naline Persaud-Thompson, Cheryl Durant-Smith, Cheryl  Dinally-Suknanan, Carol Cholmondeley-Jonas, Cheryl  Alleyne, Dezelle Trellis, Lorraine Mohamed-Emeghebo, Byron Henry Jr., Audrey George;  Simone Jordan-Mc Bean, Claire Cholmondeley-Brown, Michael Goodchild, June Jarvis, Mary Jagdeo-Ferreira and Elsa Smith
Disbursement of collected funds

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