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Women in Aviation

Beverly Drake (Class of ’73) “Women in Aviation”

Beverly Drake on Postage Stamp

Wednesday, October 9 was a happy and a sad day for Beverly. Happy because she was receiving a very prestigious award, a commemorative stamp for being one of the first female military, commercial pilots for Guyana. Her country was honoring her and she wished if her parents, both deceased, could have been there to see that her live her father's dream when she became a pilot and made her mother proud. Beverly could feel their presence and her aunt Phyllis was there to support her.

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Alumna Hughette London passed away in March.  She is the sister of alumna Desryn
London-Duncan. Please pray for God’s strength to the London family. (inadvertently omitted in previous issue)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to alumna Carol Nurse-Clarke who lost her mother, Evelyn Nurse, on Saturday, October 12 in Maryland.

Watson Hillaire, brother of law of alumni Marcelle Van-Sluytman-Ledoux and Debra Van Sluytman-Sultan who departed on Monday, October 21. Watson is the husband of their sister, Kim.

You’re in our thoughts….Please remember alumni Roger Moore, recovering from illness.

Delon Canterbury receives White Coat

Delon Canterbury, son of Sandra Armstrong-Canterbury  (alumnus) and Stanley Canterbury, is a doctor of pharmacy student at the  Eshelman School of Pharmacy, University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill. 

Delon recently received his white coat, the traditional symbol of health  professionals. The White Coat Ceremony is a tradition which marks the student'  transition from student to pharmacy practice, and is designed to reflect the  responsibility, professionalism, and commitment expected of students beginning  their final year of the PharmD program.

Delon will graduate in the Spring  of 2014, after completing clinical rotations at hospitals in the north and  south east.

Congratulations to Delon from the entire Canterbury family,  relatives and friends.

In pictures attached Delon is seen receiving his white coat, proudly  wearing it, and with a classmate.

Pics of Delon Cantebury


Submitted by: Sandra Armstrong-Canterbury (class of 1973)

At Service... again - Hazelyn

Ms. Hazelyn Abrams Bostwick

Meet or reacquaint yourselves with Ms. Hazelyn Abrams Bostwick. She is currently in Guyana and now a member of St. Rose's Board of Governors.

Hazelyn is currently working on two fronts;
1.  assisting the custodial staff to under take repairs to the classroom furniture, as well as
2.  working on preparation of a Strategic plan for the school

Attached is a copy of the just completed and revised St. Rose's High School Student's HandbookAll incoming students and parents will be required to sign the Code of Conduct Agreement. Work will soon being on a handbook for teachers. Review this Handbook publication and post your comments below.

The Head Mistress is holding a Teachers' Retreat later this month to bring them up to date on all the changes taking place and get them on board.

Ms. Cummings-Archibald reports that currently the school population is 859 students and 50 full and part time teachers. During the week of August 12th, Hazelyn had been a constant voice and shadow pursuant of action on the drainage issue that continues to plague campus location. Manpower resources was dispatched and started another round off the cleanup.

Join Hazelyn in your support of her efforts to reinject the full spirit of Serviam. Feel free to express your feelings and encouragement through feedback comments in the section below.

Return from Iraq: thanks for your support

Cheryl Dinally Hazel Suknanan

I would like to express gratitude and thanks to all who texted, sent emails, Skyped, called or just prayed and kept me lifted up before God Almighty. He took me to Iraq and brought me back safely and in one piece after my one year assignment.

I enjoyed the experience of working with lots of nationals from different parts of America, England, Uganda, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Scotland and even some from Iraq.  

The Americans were there to manage the hospital units that were being vacated by the US military and were returning home. The teams consisted of MDs, PAs, RNs, EMTs, Bio-Med Technicians, dentists and IT personal and I, as an X-ray Technician. Our hours were long – twelve hour shifts for six days and on call for one day.  However, the X-ray Technicians were on call 24:7.

Fortunately, as the war ended, we were not exposed to severe injuries like the loss of limbs and body parts. The weather was hot 100-145 degrees so many staffers who worked outdoors or in the towers, were treated for dehydration. In addition, there were many cases that their blood pressure had to be controlled.

The best experience for me was the fellowship I enjoyed with about fifteen Christians.  We met every Wednesday and Friday nights and on Sundays. I relied on my faith to help me keep my sanity.  So once again, I am back in New York, giving thanks to God and all who were concerned about my safety. Thanks to Lorraine Croft-Farnell who kept my membership active. I am ready to join the committees to give back to SRAA and am available for service.

In Serviam

Cheryl Dinally-Suknanan

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