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Awards Gala 2017

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 Awards Gala 2017 

Honoring ...

Hon. Catherine Hughes  

At the Anniversary Gala, the Association will be honoring Catherine Andrea Cholmondeley-Hughes, Guyana Minister of Public Telecommunications; and Fly Jamaica Airways. Ms. Hughes is an alumna and former Head Girl at St. Rose’s. Cathy was also the Chair of the Board of Governors of St. Rose's High School from 2005-2015.


 Fly Air Jamaica

Fly Jamaica Airways, commenced operations in February 2013, is owned by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Guyanese-born Paul Ronald Reece, Mrs. Roxanne Reece and three Jamaican shareholders including Captain Lloyd Tai and Mrs. Christine Steele and Mrs. Shaun Lawson-Laing. Captain Reece is also the owner of Wings Aviation Ltd, based in Guyana, which owns and operates Cessna aircraft in the interior of Guyana.  Fly Jamaica has been a long time sponsor and donor of our Association.



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